about us

el campo coffee is the intersection of doing something we love with the people we care most about.

we purchased our home during the pandemic and intended it to be a place for family and friends to come together to get away. we affectionally named it "el campo" meaning, the farm or countryside, as it's located far from a downtown setting. 

coffee roasting started as a hobby. we love coffee and wanted to learn more about what makes coffee special. as people came to el campo we shared the latest roast each morning. after a few hundred roasts and a few positive reviews a hobby turned into a pursuit.

thus, el campo coffee was born!

we're a specialty coffee roaster in healdsburg, california. our business is centered on living with intention--finding value in what matters, making the most of small moments, and making a difference. we focus on sustainably sourced coffees from small mexican farms. we roast using an electric roaster powered by the sun. we hope to give our customers greater meaning in a small part of their day.

 alex & ryan