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El Campo Coffee

Teotepec Guerrero Mexico

Teotepec Guerrero Mexico

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Fruity notes of plum, berries, guava. Full bodied with a clean and lingering aftertaste.

A group of 112 small-scale coffee growers (34 female and 78 male) from Guerrero, Mexico, has formed an association called HERBARADA. These farmers, located in remote high-altitude areas, have united to improve the quality of their coffee and collectively sell their products. Each family collects ripe cherries and later floats them to remove lower-density beans and foreign matter. After this, the cherries are sun-dried on concrete patios and straw mats for 15 days. By employing a natural processing method, they have been able to earn higher premiums and find new markets for their delicious coffees.

The coffee is named after Cerro Teotepec, the highest peak in Guerrero, and referred to as "Cerro de Dios" or "Hill of God". The area is known for its dense forests and diverse climates that provide ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. Local legends describe the hill as a sacred gathering place where leaders of ethnic groups received divine guidance for the prosperity of their villages and cultures.

Size: 12 oz

Roast: Light

Process: Natural. 36 hour anaerobic fermentation in sealed plastic tanks

Certifications: None

Elevation: 1,500-1,800m

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